Vishwa Nath Singhania (Managing Director) VN Singhania has had an incredible history of trading. He founded Simportex Ltd and has developed the company from strength to strength. He completed his B Comm at Agra University and MA (Economics) at Gorakhpur University UP, India, after which he migrated to the UK to work as a Management Executive for a UK textile trading company. After gaining enough experience, he then started Simportex Ltd and has held the position of Managing Director since the inception of the company.

He is also an active member of the Rajasthani and other Indian Communities in the UK, and has held many community functions. He also believes in aiding charitable organisations and has supported the Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple UK, (where he was vice president and a long serving trustee for over a decade) ISKON and other Indian social organisations in the UK and India.
Ashok Kumar Singhania (Director) Ashok Singhania completed his degree in Business Studies from City University, after which he joined the firm Arthur Anderson & Co. Having gained three years of financial experience with the firm, he then went on to join Simportex Ltd in 1984 as Finance Manager. He was in charge of all financial accounts and queries as soon as he joined the company due to his excellent fund management skills gained from previous experience.

Since then, Ashok has been promoted to role Director and is the assistant to his father, the managing director, in all trades made and all transactions completed.
Gomti Devi Singhania (Director) Gomti Devi, with her husband started Simportex Ltd. She has held the position of Director since its inception. Her involvement with the company has given a unique reputation as a charitable company as due to her determination, advised the board of directors to support charities such as the Sangam Association and ISKON.

She has also managed a family brand registered as Montmere which successfully trades in cashmere scarves, accessories and other items of clothing for special niche markets in the world.
Poonam Singhania (Sales Manager) Poonam Singhania graduated from City of London University with a degree in Accounts in Management. Her resume boasts strong multi-lingual skills and previous experience in assisting in management of elderly nursing homes.

Since joining Simportex Ltd in 1991, she has aided Gomti Devi Singhania in management of Montmere and of the charitable aspect of Simportex Ltd by building associations with charities such as Sangam.