We offer a wide plethora of bluish-white lustrous metal Zinc. It is brittle at ambient temperatures but is malleable at 100 to 150°C. Being a good conductor of electricity it has a wide usage in numerous applications. We offer this high quality Zinc to our clients at very economical price.


  • Melting point : 419.5oC
  • Boiling point : 911oC
  • Resistivity : 5.96 micro ohm-cm at 20oC
  • Standard state : solid at 298 K
  • Color : bluish pale grey
  • Classification : Metallic

We deal in
We are engaged in offering Special High Grade Ingots and Jumbos of about 1 M. Ton size. LME registered / Non-registered / Special High Grade Ingots and Jumbos as well as High Grade and Zamak 3 etc are offered by us.


Product Name Zinc
Symbol Zn
Atomic Number 30
Atomic Weight 65.409 (4) g
CAS Registry ID 7440-66-6
Group number 12
Group name (None)
Period number 4
Block d-block
Density (g/cm3) 7.133
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